Constanta Balkan 9th
9th International Balkan School on Nuclear Physics - 2016

July 10 - July 17, 2016 @ Constanta, Romania

The Venue

Situated at the crossroads of several commercial routes, Constanta lies on the western coast of the Black Sea, 185 miles from the Bosphorus Strait. An ancient metropolis and Romania's largest sea port, Constanta traces its history some 2,500 years. Originally called Tomis, legend has it that Jason landed here with the Argonauts after finding the Golden Fleece.

Founded by Greek colonists from Miletos in the 6th century BC, Tomis was conquered by the Romans in 71 BC and renamed Constantiana by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great in honor of his sister. The name was shortened to Constanta during the Ottoman era. During the 13th century, Italy, especially Genoese merchants, dominated the Black Sea and Constanta flourished, only to decline two centuries later under Turkish rule.

Fine mansions and hotels were built in the 19th century when King Carol I decided to revive Constanta as a port and seaside resort.

The third largest city in Romania, Constanta is now an important cultural and economic centre, worth exploring for its archaeological treasures and the atmosphere of the old town centre. Its historical monuments, ancient ruins, grand Casino, museums and shops, and proximity to beach resorts make it the focal point of Black Sea coast tourism. Open-air restaurants, nightclubs and cabarets offer a wide variety of entertainment.

While in the area, you can visit traditional villages, vineyards, ancient monuments and the Danube Delta, a bird-lover's paradise.


Dear guests,
The organizing committee recommends you a cheaper, faster and probably more comfortable alternative to the transfer by train to Constanta: a bus leaving from Henry Coanda Airport that will take you to Constanta, at the Ovidius University / Megalos Hotel. Please see the schedule here.

If you prefer to use the bus send us your arrival time so we can book the seats ASAP.

Trains from Bucharest to Constanta and return

You can access the SNCFR webpage to view the schedule for the trains following this link.

Public Transport & Addresses:

Buses 40C and 5-40 are making the connection between Constanta Railway Station and Student Campus, passing near Ovidius University / Hotel Megalos. Below there is a map showing the bus stations, location of the University, Hotel and Campus.

Universitatea Ovidius (where the conference will take place): Bd. Mamaia nr. 124 (point B on the map)
Hotel Megalos (across the University): Bd. Mamaia nr. 155 (point B on the map)
Student Campus - "Camine Pescarie" : Aleea Studentilor, Constanta. (Near point C and D on the map)

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