Constanta Balkan 9th
9th International Balkan School on Nuclear Physics - 2016

July 10 - July 17, 2016 @ Constanta, Romania

Welcome to the 9th International Balkan School on Nuclear Physics!

The 9th International Balkan School on Nuclear Physics will be held July 10-17, 2016 in the city of Constanta, Romania. Constanta is an old Romanian city at the Black Sea with historical roots. In the VIIth century, the Greeks founded here one of their first colonies at the Black Sea shore and was named Tomis.

Since 1998 the International Balkan School on Nuclear Physics was hosted in turn by different Balkan countries: Istanbul, Turkey (1998), Bodrum, Turkey (2000), Thessaloniki, Greece (2002), Bodrum, Turkey (2004), Brasov, Romania (2006), Troyan, Bulgaria (2008), Adrasan, Turkey (2010) and Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria (2012).

The School aims at bringing together PhD students and young researchers with prominent senior scientists who lecture on some of the hottest topics of contemporary nuclear physics research. The Balkan School targets students and young researchers from South-Eastern Europe but it is open for attendees from all over the world. The 9th edition of the School aims at attracting students in the field by illustrating the latest results and perspectives in nuclear physics at some of the most advanced research infrastructures such as ELI-NP Gamma Beams (Bucharest), University of Jyväskylä (Jyväskylä, Finland), ISOLDE (CERN), SPIRAL2 (Caen) and FAIR (Darmstadt).

Topics include:
  • Nuclear structure with gamma beams
  • Low-energy collective modes
  • Halo nuclei
  • Nuclear moments and transition probabilities
  • Isospin symmetry
  • Structure of exotic nuclei
  • Nuclear physics at modern experimental facilities
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